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Get your Christmas tree locally

Indiana grown Christmas trees benefit environment and economy

Buying a real tree from an Indiana tree farm is a great way to bring holiday cheer into your home

Not too many Hoosiers roast their chestnuts on an open fire anymore, but plenty are reclaiming the tradition of having an all natural, living, breathing, Christmas tree in their home this holiday season.

Unlike artificial trees, which are usually made of petroleum based products and smell the same way a plastic shoe horn smells, a real Christmas tree can fill your home with fresh air and can even be recycled. Even after you cut the tree down and put it in your house, it continues to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen as long as it has a fresh water supply to keep it alive.

Plus, when you buy a tree from an Indiana tree farm, you are keeping a local farmer in business. Instead of starting the holiday season waiting in long lines while still recovering from a turkey feast, why not pile the family into the car and head to a nearby tree farm? After picking out your own tree, you can bring it home and let its fragrance fill your home with the fresh scent of winter conifer.

After all the presents have been opened and the tinsel packed away until next year, your tree can continue on its journey as it’s recycled into mulch. Indianapolis has a program where residents can drop off a tree, and receive free compost next spring for use in gardens and landscaping projects.

For more information on Indiana tree farms, visit:

To learn more about recycling holiday waste, visit

For more information about Indianapolis' tree and yard waste recycling, visit

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