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Keep Indianapolis Beautiful's Adopt-A-Block program energizes new neighborhood volunteers to participate in community activities. Street by street, neighbors inspire each other by setting an example of environmental and community stewardship, dramatically improving their quality of life. Neighborhoods with high Adopt-A-Block participation are leaders in developing pocket parks, community tree plantings, and vibrant greenspace projects throughout the city.

The Adopt-A-Block program empowers neighbors to bring beautification and neighborhood revitalization down to the smallest unit, the block. Neighbors keep their block clean of litter on an on-going basis, and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful provides them with tools and resources to help in their efforts. Individuals volunteer as block coordinators to lead in their block’s beautification.

KIB provides the tools, trees, and flowers, and neighbors beautify our city together, block by block.


  • Each block coordinator receives a cleanup kit that includes his or her choice of four items: a broom, shovel, bags, gloves, dustpan, bucket, or litter-grabber.

  • KIB also hosts training sessions and social events that enable block coordinators to collaborate and celebrate their successes. Please stay tuned to see what’s coming up!

  • All blocks, regardless of their cleanliness score, have the opportunity to receive FREE TREES in the fall through Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s Community Forestry program!

  • To encourage friendly competition, KIB scores each block on a scale of 1 to 4, with a score of 1 indicating a completely litter-free block. Each spring, blocks with an average of 2 or better can watch a workshop on native plants and receive a colorful variety of FREE perennials!

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