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From mowing to snow blowing!

It is quite easy to overlook putting the garden equipment into hibernation once we’re all through for the season. Ensuring our equipment is in tip-top shape both before and after the season achieves that goal of winterization.

Helping along with this quick tip is a video link which will show you step-by-step how to winterize the weedwacker, blower, and lawnmower—the most common yard equipment. The principle is the same for the others but remember, help from a neighbor is only a post away!

This video concentrates on the following key points of winterization:

- Inspection of the equipment;

- Drainage of gas/oil;

- General cleanup;

- Storage

Once spring arrives, you’ll be ready to go without a worry thanks to the time spent on proper storage! Your equipment will thank you with years of proper working order as well!

Winterizing gas-powered tools and machines:

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