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In the Garden with Jesse - February

Hello, fellow neighbors! If you are anything like me you are itching to get back outside playing in the yard. But before that happens, here are some tips on keeping your houseplants going and things you could do to kickstart your spring plantings.

Winter is hard on houseplants and even though temperatures are increasing outside, the humidity inside of most homes isn't as the heater runs. Some tricks to help with this is to put them under a glass house or take a deep tray and fill it full of pebbles and water. Then set your more sensitive plants on top of the pebbles. As the water evaporates, it will increase the humidity around the plants.

For the outside garden, now is the time to start planning what veggies or new ornamental plants you might want to try this year. There are lots of free online garden planning guides and software to help with this. Don't be afraid to adventure into new plants or cultivars of old favorites. Gardening is a constant learning experience for everyone from the seasoned veteran to the beginner. Here is a website I found that has some interesting information: Garden Planner.

If anyone has additional questions, stop by our Little Flower Little Gardens Club meeting the second Tuesday of every month or email me at

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